Extended Software Protection Plan

Websites and Mobile Apps are not “Set & Forget” solutions. With the rapid change in technology and platform versions there is a rise in the number of bugs and updates, thus regular maintenance becomes indispensable.

Bug Fixes
A Bug found today is worth more than one found tomorrow. Our skilled team find and fix the bug before it reaches to your customers.

Cost Effective
We care your hard earned money; therefore, provide extended software protection plans at market leading prices.

Scheduled Backups
Don’t worry about data loss. We backup your data on regular basis to ensure its safety in case of any accidental loss.

No need for in-House Team
Why hire in-house team if you have other great option to outsource your work to skilled professionals at pocket friendly prices.

SLA Driven Approach
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With SLA driven approach, we take customer experience to the next level.

Peace of Mind
With up-to-date software platform, enhanced security and proper backup of your important data, we ensure you to provide peace of mind.