User Experience & Design

User Experience defines the difference between a good and a bad website. It considers the needs of the users into every stage of the product life cycle. It encompasses the aspects and necessities of end-users with the services and products of the company. We literally incorporate user experience at every stage of the life cycle of the product aiming to improve the impact of the business through user-experience and we have a high level of proficiency in latest web designing tools.

UX helps in:

  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation Design
  • Wireframing
  • Interactive Design
  • Usability Engineering

UI design team excels at grafting designing which are appealing with the right combination of colors, illustrations and typography and also keeps the user experience at the core

UI helps in:

  • Prototyping
  • Graphic Detailing
  • Design reviewing and Validating
  • User Acceptance
  • Visual Designing and Branding

UI/UX Approach:

USER RESEARCH: to know and understand your user

We at the research stage help you to align your supposition with the real user presumption. We also help you recognize the strategy to support both business goals and user needs. Our research-oriented approach helps you view the programmatic insights on your customer interactions and reactions with your application.

IA & WIREFRAMES: prototype

We always ensure our customers by representing the right information at the right time in the right way at the right place. We recommend the data framing is the best way to envisage the data structures and represent UI features. It also enhances the effective communication between the customer and the team members and makes possible for early testing of overall data representation along with navigation and workflow.

INTEGRATION SUPPORT: Technical and back-end support

Our code and design come with a warranty period that ensures that you have enough time to discover any imperfections. We provide technical support and assistance for the smooth functioning of your application.

DELIVERY: front-end code development

Since a decade, we have earned a supportable response form our customers by making sure that their application looks and feel exactly as designed and efficiently tested on the platform of their choice. We also make sure that the design can be translated into the functioning code that too at the pixel level. We strictly go in accordance with the current standards and advancely support your integration with the back-end system.

LOOK AND FEEL DESIGN (UI): unique appearance

The visual appearance of the product shows an extensive impact on your customers. Even Though your product’s information is accurate, it doesn’t really matter when your appeal is not impressive. We also aim at offering effective design for predictable, and desirable effect for the targeted audience.

USER TESTIN: evaluate design

Evaluation of the work enables to find what will work and what will not work for any given product and this stage ensures that the user testing is done with comprehensive analysis which enables to transform data into actionable data refinement.