Cross-Platform Development

The mobile application development landscape has undergone a sea change. Mobile platforms are becoming more mature and powerful mobile devices are being launched at an increasing frequency. Mobile technologies today have untethered businesses from their fixed location, unlocked immense value, and unleashed innovative solutions to further help businesses.
Our Enterprise Mobility redefines the time, effort and cost required to mobilize your business by enabling advanced app and data security, integrated access, enterprise app storefront, and accelerated mobilization.
Mobile Strategy
Yagna Technologies will help you to build a mobile strategy to discover, define and deliver mobile applications successfully. We will help you to build a comprehensive features and functions to meet your customers requirements.
Just share your idea and we will put the idea into a direction and build complete strategy in building innovative, secure and robust mobile applications in quick turn around time.
We will leverage our expertise in mobile applications space and help you to build a right strategy in mobile transformation.
Mobile Application Development

  1. We will develop and implement mobile applications designed to meet your business or customer requirements.
  2. We have expertise in building following platforms
    • Native
      • iOS
      • Android
    • Hybrid Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)
  3. We will develop and build Analytics designed to meet your business requirements.
  4. We will help in reducing costs and increasing savings
  5. We are strong in app quality standards.

Why Yagna Technologies

  • We have a proven track record in strategy and transformation for our clients.
  • Our experts leverage our expertise in delivering a solution meeting your customer requirements.
  • We have helped customers right from inception to implementation.
  • We have launched several successfull mobile applications.